Today, Datta is contented and satisfied human being with all desires fulfilled, in excellent health, energetic, all financial needs taken care of and is in to spiritual pursuits.


  • He was a child with stomach cramps and pain for 12 long years in to his adolescence. Overcame the same using energy medicine
  • Had too many childhood traumasLived with beliefs like “Not Good Enough”, “Not Capable” etc. Busted the dysfunctional belief systems by Enhancing “Self Worth” and went on to secure highest marks in examinations ….leading to 4 degrees and a dilome.
  • Was hypersensitive with an Anxiety Disorder for 5 years before came in touch with EFT and Emotion Code and completely got cured of both..
  • There was always need for money which remained unfulfilled for a long time. Was constantly in to irritating debts.
  • Had Diabetes with high blood sugar levels. It troubled him for 7 years before he could leash it. Today, he is able to deal with the blood sugar levels without any medicine!
  • Was diagnosed with “Syncope” and was collapsing two to three times a day and Doctors advised to keep a companion wherever I go! I overcame it by healing myself within 3 Weeks!
  • Had 3rd Cranial Nerve palsy affecting right eye and causing double vision. Opthalmplogist as well as neurologist had problems treating it. It took 6 straight weeks to regenerate the nerve and to restore the sight to normacy.

To cope up with those difficulties, he started learning and practicing various methods, techniques and processes as mentioned above. Once he was successfully overcame all the stored traumas and difficulties, he started applying the same techniques and processes on others with successful results, like: Migraine Attacks, which were 10 to 18 year – old long vanished. In case of Bipolar Disorder the intensity came down by 80%. Backache problems either completely vanished or came down to 10 – 20 % levels. These included several qualified Physicians. An autistic child with speech difficulties and consistent crying started humming the tunes of songs and is now smiling and laughing consistently.

Applying simple financial strategies, individuals started saving 20 to 30 % of their Income. Those who were Thinking and planning for years together to purchase an apartment went ahead and bought an apartment within a year. Encouraged by the transformation thousands were going through, he started increasing the healing practice. Established to reach out to the world to extend the healing services. Millions of People are there who need the Healing Touch.

There is a dedicated team of healers with emotionheal who are keen and willing to help you with their appropriate skills. Datta has been in the helping profession for the last 38 years. He has been passionate about causing positive transformations in organisations, teams and individuals. His purpose of life has been simplifying the lives for people and lessen or end the suffering through energy source and science.

He is qualified with Master of Arts in Industrial Social Psychology, M.Phil. in Organizational Behaviour and Diploma in Social Work. His research work was in the area of “Group Dynamics”.

He was in corporate world as a consultant as well as an employee at Vice President, Group President and Director-level in Organizational Development in premier organizations in India.

He contributed to more than 75 Companies through consulting in the areas of Change Management, Performance Management and Strategic Management.

Also he contributed to personal transformation of more than 1,00,000 individuals through trainings, workshops and personal counseling. Coached in Leadership, Decision Making, Thinking Patterns and Behavioral Modification Areas, mentored 25 Directors, he was fortunate to have healing abilities transferred from generations together.

For healing, he qualified himself as:

  1. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner;
  2. Master Practitioner – NLP;
  3. Grand Master – Reiki;
  4. Brain Mapping Practitioner;
  5. Emotion Code Practitioner;
  6. Advanced EFT Practitioner;
  7. Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.

Besides, he applies the following processes extensively:

  1. Body Code;
  2. Dyadic Techniques for Enlightenment;
  3. Emotion Release Techniques;
  4. Emotrance
  5. Gestalt Explorations and Dream Work;
  6. HeartMath Techniques for Coherence;
  7. Past Life Therapy;
  8. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy;
  9. Sedona Method;
  10. Theta Healing;
  11. “Whee” Techniques;
  12. TFT;