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Greater Courage,
Amazing Health And Spectacular Wealth!

Transform Three Key Areas of Your Life..

Mental Health

Physical Health

If you Wish To Overcome
If you Wish to Heal
  1. Anger and resentment
  2. Criticism and blame
  3. Depression and futility
  4. Disappointment and Frustrations
  5. Emotional Abuse
  6. Fear and anxiety
  7. Guilt and worry
  8. Hatred & disgust
  1. Pain Management – In the Back, Stomach, and Joints etc.
  2. Chronic diseases, like Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc.;
  3. Any of the Temporary Ailments, like Cold, Cough;
  4. Any of the diseases which could not be diagnosed;
  5. Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities related;
  6. Migraine, Syncope & Bipolar Disorders etc.
  7. In fact Any kind of Sickness.
Disclaimer:We donot replace medical doctors. Consultation and following medical priscriptions of docors is necessary



If You Feel
If you wish to Have
  1. Stuck
  2. It is Beyond you to prosper
  3. Money is not enough
  4. It is difficult to get money when you want
  5. Not lucky enough
  6. It is difficult to Manage Money
  7. You are destined to what you are Getting
  8. You want to be Prosperous but…
  9. No one in earlier generations in your family ever made it…you are still better….
  1. Lasting inner confidence
  2. Profound & deep peace
  3. Self Worth & High Energy Levels
  4. Passion & Purposefulness
  5. Contentment & Satisfaction
  6. Happiness for No Reason
  7. Seeking ultimate freedom

These are three precise areas of Your Life where we can contribute with Multidimensional Healing practices and processes….


Every Human being requires it and everyone has the courage to a varying degree. It is much more than Confidence. It is a high energy level with conviction. It is the product of your Self Esteem and Self Worth, which have their roots in childhood.
At Emotion Heal, We empower you to be courageous through diagnosis of the factors, which block or lower your courage and heal your past to remove these factors from your system and thus from your life. You practice Self – Love and Self – Appreciation, which raise your Self Esteem and make you courageous.


Mental Health:

The extent of Peace and Calm you have determines your overall Health.
We are here to diagnose, change and heal the emotions, which are causing disruption in your otherwise peaceful life

Physical Health:

The emotions emanate from the belief systems, which are firmly entrenched in your subconscious. These dysfunctional beliefs have roots in your past adverse or disturbing experiences (big or small traumas) which mostly took place either in the early childhood or adolescence. Your Amygdala in the center of the Brain took the decisions of Fight, Flight and Freeze Decisions to protect you and made you survive temporarily in some threatening situations. So you made some decisions, which repetitively are causing either negativity, or manifesting themselves in form of dis-eases.
Research has proved that more than 80% of dis-eases are born out of stress and other disruptive emotions. These emotions have capability to disrupt your bodily functions, alter Blood Pressure, Blood sugar and similar parameters in your body.
Disclaimer: While it is highly advisable that one gets treated by qualified doctors and takes the medicines according to medical prescriptions, one must not neglect working on energy deficits and disruptive energies which actually cause the dis-eases. We, at Emotionheal, practice alternative therapies therapies to deal with energy blocks, deficit energies, disrupted energies to heal disruptive emotions and upsets which cause dis-eases. We diagnose what and where it is going wrong accurately and mostly act upon it through a variety of remedial therapies and in a few cases suggest the natural remedies for quick relief.

Wealth and Prosperity:

We are all provided for. It is our limiting beliefs that stopped us from being wealthy and prosperous. We have 100 odd narrations from our participants why they failed in the financial areas of life and also 100 odd narrations of how they succeeded financially. We found out ways to remove the limiting beliefs that the clients were living with and made them successful. We can help you with this too.
Disclaimer: One who wants to create wealth and be prosperous need to follow the process in its entirety. We shall not be responsible for procrastination, inability to take actions and neglect in implementing the strategies on part of the clients.